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The history of Bonita Bisztró goes back to the end of 1980s when we opened in Békéscsaba our restaurant names Szultánkenyér. We began to win the hearts with our dishes evoking Turkish tastes, later we gradually widedned our selection.

For decades the Mediterranean world of tastes – pizzas, Italian pastas, salads – has been dominating on our menu.

During the time we spent in Italy we paid great attention to getting to know the most popular and beloved dishes then introducing them in Hungary. As the result of our effort we feel confident mainly in Italian world of tastes, so the pizzas offered in our shops are made from the most excellent Napoletana flour, from the Naples region San Marzano tomatoes, exclusively from white mozzarella and pizza toppings imported from Italy.

Each phase of pizza making is done by hand without the help of any machines, so we are faithful to the tradition of pizza making and we can meet the high standard of STG (Specialita Tradizionale Garantita), the high expectation of Neapolitan pizza making masters.

We make our pasta dishes from the classic of Italian pasta producers, from the selection of Puglia handmade pasta on our menu or from the pasta which is freshly made on our counter.
Visiting the Italian provinces we had the chance to learn the tricks to making pasta dough from experienced and attending housewives in order to het the best world of taste.

We are proud of thefact that we belong to the few pasta makers who had the chance to learn Frech cuisine, we could learn the trick of preparing mussel and of Créme Brulée in Léon de Bruxelles, in one of the best-known mussel restaurants.

We can say that our foods are, made authentically, from the best quality ingredients, every time freshly.